Meals packed at crazy fun Feed the Funnel® parties are donated free of charge to local organizations, such as food banks and food pantries, for them to distribute to people and/or other organizations in their area. If local organizations don’t need as much as we pack, meals are given to other partners who work across the US and in several countries around the world to provide food to people in need. Simply, we start local and work our way out to reach as many neighbors as possible!

We would encourage you to learn more about Convoy of Hope’s Rural Compassion program that serves people across the US. Here’s an overview, “We are determined to help our neighbors in rural communities because it is in those communities where poverty and hunger have gained a devastating edge.” This informative video also helps tell the story. If you’re hosting a Feed the Funnel® and don’t have a local meal recipient, may we invite you to designate meals for the Rural Compassion program? Please contact us with any questions!

Are you a nonprofit and would like to receive meals? CONTACT US!


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