Bring your group to The Pack Shack for a crazy fun Feed the Funnel party!

What’s a Feed the Funnel party?

Crazy fun! We’ll put on fashionable hairnets, crank up some awesome music, turn on the disco ball, and create thousands of delicious, healthy meals in a high energy assembly line process. The meals you pack will stay right here in Northwest Arkansas to help our neighbors in need. Spontaneous dance parties have been known to break out, so be prepared! And come ready to hit the ginormous gong!

Groups of 5-25 people are welcome (ages 6+ only, please). The budget for your party is based on the number of people and duration of your party (see below). You’ll make these selections after you choose the date for your party.

Note: These details apply only to parties in our Cave Springs, AR party room. If your group is larger than 25 people or you’re looking to host a party in another location, please contact us.


The Pack Shack is located at 1091 E Lowell Ave, Cave Springs, AR 72718. From I-49, take Exit 78 (Highway 264) and go west 3 miles. We’re on the south side of the road.


For food safety purposes, all participants must wear close-toed shoes and shirts with short or long sleeves (no tanks, please).


All jewelry should be removed before arriving, with the exception of wedding bands. 


We’ll provide hairnets for each person and beard nets for anyone who can rock one. All participants will also wear gloves, and masks are optional.


The budget for your party is based on the number of people and duration of your party.

People Hours Cost
5-8 1 $370
5-8 2 $740
9-12 1 $740
9-12 $1,480
13-18 1 $1,110
13-18 2 $2,220
19-25 1 $1,480
19-25 2 $2,960